Seeding Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed celebrates Earth Day with the launch of its Collaborative Project. The project originated from asking the simple question, “What if there was an easier way to connect small-scale farmers who make quality food products around with world with people who want to support high quality and ecologically produced food?”


Cacao, the co-creation facilitator

We journey with cacao to understand how food supply chains operate and to unveil opportunities for greater collaboration. We trace the bean from the planting of seeds, to the harvesting, selling and eating of the world’s most loved food to understand the benefits of each exchange. Learning from all those involved, we are uncovering new and innovative ways of working together. Our job is merely to make visible the collective knowledge already available and to facilitate ethical, ecological and efficient trade.

action blueprintYellow Seed: Action Blueprint

The vision for Yellow Seed is inspired from the desire to have tangible and successful models for how nature and humans can live in harmony and reinforce one another’s mutual well-being. Earth’s natural ecosystems are built primarily upon symbiotic relationships, roughly defined as a partnership between organisms, and this has helped living creatures innovate and expand into new niches for billions of years. We believe that if our business ecosystems followed nature’s lead, we will become more adaptable, diverse and resilient.

Yellow signifies “action” and “becoming” part of the creation process and the seed represents the blueprint of the ordered pattern of growth. We are a community of ordinary but passionate individuals seeking to ignite positive change in the world simply by learning how to work together and hoping to inspire others along the way.

What are some best practices you’ve found for chain transparency, collaboration or feedback? How can we learn from the current system and improve? Send us your thoughts to hello {at} Your voice will continue to inform and shape the model.

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